During my short stay in Cuba, I noticed how friendly the people were when they realized I'm American. They had a hunger for anything American; people, music CDs, old clothing, or gadgets. I was deeply touched by the culture and the Cuban people, and I am truly happy that President Obama is initiating relations with the island.

Ninety-seven percent of the Cuban people said they supported their countries' efforts to re-establish full diplomatic ties, and said they believed the United States should end its economic embargo on Cuba. As one who's seen the effects of the embargo first hand, I'd say it is not hurting the Cuban government nearly as much as it is hurting the everyday Cuban people, especially the blacks.

I just hope that Cuba doesn't get too Americanized and veer too far from their culture to embrace ours. People around the world love and appreciate the richness of Cuban culture, I included.

In a poll of 1200 Cubans by Bendixen & Amandi for the Spanish Television Univision and The Washington Post between March 17-27, 2015, it was revealed that the US President Barack Obama was more popular than the Castro brothers. The survey is broken down as follows:

                             Positive View              Negative View
Barack Obama      80%                             17%
Fidel Castro          50%                              44%
Raul Castro           48%                             47%