Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why I Travel Solo


I've been hearing a lot of talk about wanting to travel with friends. Others commented on those who have friends but those friends do not want to travel. Throughout my life I've had to learn the hard way that if you really want to do something worthwhile, be prepared to do it alone.

Today, I was supposed to go with a couple of friends to a Peruvian Food Festival in San Francisco. I left three messages today to confirm where we were going to meet and both were no call-no shows. Meanwhile, I met new people, enjoyed the music, ate some food, then went home.

This is my philosophy when it comes to travel: go alone; do your thing; meet interesting people, and have fun with your new learning environment.


  1. You aren't alone when it comes to making arrangements with others. A lot of flighty people out there. It sure didn't stop you from having a good time. In fact, I think it makes one mingle more.

  2. I'm w/you. I travel alone also! I went to italy w/a travel group....when I wanted to be alone, I was and when I wanted company...I had it!

  3. I feel you, Bill. I've been to several countries by myself and I prefer it.


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