Thursday, December 16, 2010

Passing Through Mexico City

Zócalo District Mexico City
Mexico City's Zócalo District.

On my way to Perú, I took advantage of an 11-hour flight layover in Mexico City and took the Metro (subway) into town. My first stop was in the Pino Suarez section of town, where I hung out, went shopping, ate some genuine tacos, then took the subway again into the famous Zócalo section of town.

Buying fresh OJ in Pino Suarez
Buying fresh-squeezed orange juice in the Pino Suarez District.

Keep in mind, the primary purpose of my Latin-American trips is to practice my Spanish among people who don´t speak English. That way, I cannot cheat. LOL. I was amazed at how well my Spanish went over with those whom I chatted. They did not believe that I´m an American. Many thought that I was one of the many Cubans who migrated to Mexico. I had to bust some English to convince them. I found this whole experience flattering.

Mexico City Metro
Catching the metro subway from the airport into town.

Also, I used proper Latin-American manners that I should have learned to use a long time ago, like saying buenos días/tardes before approaching someone and getting to your point. When you leave, you say “permiso” (exuse me, gotta go). I am learning from my travel experience that these little things go a long way when interacting with Latin Americans.


  1. Yes, mannerisms are important.

  2. Oh the subway brings back memories.

  3. Thanks for the tips, I didn't know this. How did the Mexicans treat you?

    1. Everybody I ran into were nice, cordial, and professional. I've passed through Mexico City about three or four times and only ran into one rude person having a bad day. It was an airport employee who wore her ID on backwards so no one would identify and report her.


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