Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where Are the Black People?

The African Diaspora consists of peoples of African origin living outside the continent of Africa, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality.

Why aren't more African-Americans showing up at events dealing with the African diaspora?

I just returned from the San Francisco Museum of the African Diaspora where I work as a volunteer, and I am always bewildered by a relatively small African-American crowd. It seems every time I attend any event that involves Afro-Latinos, Afro-Europeans, Afro-Asians, and continental African cultures, there is only a handful of African-Americans who attend. The room is filled with mostly whites, non-black Latinos, and even Asians who are not only interested in African diasporic cultures, but seem articulate and knowledgeable of them.

Most of the lecture series I attend are related to African-American and Afro-Latino cultures because they are close to my life experience, but I also take interest in the others for an all-round understanding of how my roots are being manifested throughout the world.

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  1. Some of it has to do with a lack of awareness. I myself read a book a month on different communities and subjects regarding the African Diaspora. However, I did not find out about the African Diaspora until college. Before college I lived next door to a man from the V.I., I had a Jamaican friend and dated a Bahamian girl in high school. I did not know they were apart of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. When they referred to themselves as Black, I assumed they were talking about color. I though they were islanders and just happened to look black.

    Next time I am in California I will check out the center.


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