Friday, September 2, 2011

Look Who's Teaching Me Spanish

At the dinner table with my goddaughter Daniela (left, in pink) with some family members in Chincha, Perú.

One of the reasons I was hired on my current job is because of my ability to speak Spanish. I've been teaching myself for a number years without the aid of schools or CDs like Rosetta Stone. That is with few exceptions like the University of Havana in Cuba and El Sol-Escuela de Español in Perú where I took classes and private instructions while on vacation under non-English-speaking instructors.

Local teens at a popular mom and pop hangout in El Carmen, Perú 

As I'm constantly working to improve my Spanish, I find that the children are more patient in their interactions with with me, and in exchange, I give them fun treats like ice cream, candies, dinners, trips to amusement parks and the beach.

Yomira, cousin of my my goddaughter Daniela

In Perú's District of El Carmen, I interacted with local teens, playing scrabble in Spanish and buying them ice cream and sodas. There were times I had to put my foot down because people, including children, think because I'm from the USA, I can afford to buy up the whole store for them. However, upon my return, I plan on spending more time with them. I'm going to be straight up this time and let them know that I'm trying to improve my Spanish and ask them to help me out. In this quiet community, they find me to be a fresh new experience as well.

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