Thursday, July 25, 2013

Afro-Latin American Women Celebrate the African Diaspora

 “Commemoration of the Day of the Afro-Latina, 
Afro-Carribean & Women of the African Diaspora”

I was browsing my Spanish-speaking Facebook account, and learned for the first time that today, July 25m is the day that Latin American and Caribbean women celebrate women of the African diaspora. As I was browsing, I ran across a message from one of my Afro-Chilean friends stating, 25 Feliz Día Internacional de la Mujer Afrodescendiente a todas las mujeres LUCHADORAS (Today we celebrate all women of African descent in the struggle).

A more empowering message that I read was one of Sofia Carrillo, younger sister of a popular Afro-Peruvian civil rights leader Monica Carrillo where she stated,  Feliz Día (Happy Day)! This is a day to celebrate our struggle with conviction for a more equal world without sexism and racism and with true liberty! And an Afro-Argentine women wished all the Black women a happy day.

As a member of the African diaspora, and as one who purposely make connections with African descendants in Latin America through travel and friendship, I too, am joining in on the celebtration.

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