Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Message to My Blog Readers

I recently attempted to make a comment on another blog and was appalled at the hoops I had to jump through. Although, I can understand the purpose of CAPTCHAS (or Word Verification) to prove that I'm not a robot, CAPTCHAS go too far in making their characters so difficult to read that I had to make four or five attempts before I was successful getting through.

I'm one of the few bloggers that consistently engage my readers by accepting and responding to comments. Thus, I checked my own system and disabled my CAPTCHA (Word Verification) feature to make it easy for you to post your comments.

My first line of defense against spam is that all comments are first e-mailed to me for approval. As long as it is not spam, I will post your comments right away.

W Bill Smith


  1. Hi there!
    Really glad you got rid of Captchas, I think I must be a robot the amount of times I get them wrong, trust me listening is even worse! It sounds like a drowning dalek or something...

    I've started using captcha bypass software as I find them such an irritant. If you search 'captcha bypass browser extension" a few programs should come up. I'm using rumola because it has a chrome plug in and I must say it works perfectly!



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