Thursday, October 11, 2012

Argentina Officially Recognizes Black Heritage

Argentina's Chamber of Deputies of the Province, the lower house of Argentina's congress, approved October 11 as the day of Afro-Argentine Culture. This initiative was driven by Afro-Argentine organizations, which claimed this day to commemorate Black culture. Ricardo Martínez, of the Black cultural group La Cabunda de Ensenada, said this day culminates 150 years of struggle for a law favoring recognition for what Blacks have done for Argentina, particularly her liberation and her defense against British invasion. This day was selected in homage to María Remedios del Valle, Black captain of Argentina's Northern Army, which one major battles in Argentina's war of independence. 

Black Argentines, not only fought for Argentina, but for other Latin American countries, like Chile and Perú in exchange for their freedom.
More on this if you can read Spanish...

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