Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why I'm Not With a Latina

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Posing with a new found Peruvian friend Karen of Lima

I often get questions from people, including my younger brother, as to why I'm not hooked up with a seƱorita since I'm so hooked on the Spanish language and Latino culture, specifically Afro-Latino culture with an emphasis on the music. For me that is a complex question to answer. Do I like Latinas? Yes, but I also like African-Americans, Africans, and Caribbean women. Especially the ones who are down to earth, good conversationalist, and have broad interests and value good, solid communication in a relationship be it friendship or intimate.

 D Fuentes of Havana, Cuba who is the only woman during my Latin American 
travels whom I entertained the thought of bringing home to mom and pop.

So far, I've traveled to nine Spanish-speaking countries going on 11, and as of this writing, I've met only one Latina (a woman in Havana, Cuba) I would have considered hooking up with. She's well built, dark, physically attractive, but most importantly, she is a good communicator, and doesn't play the games that the average American (men and women) play in relationships. The problem was when I got back to the US, the difficulty in keeping touch due to US/Cuban relations was overwhelming, and I just let it go. And so did she.

But the most profound answer I could give for not being with a Latina is that I'm not really looking. I'm content traveling, continuing to improve my Spanish, enjoying the music, the food, and the people I meet. Another reason is religion. I am not a believer of any organized religion, and that includes Catholicism. The woman I do hook up with be she Latina or not will be an independent thinker, and not prone to make life decisions solely based on the wishes of her family.

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  1. Good post.
    Yes, should it matter what the ethnicity and nationality of an individual is? People are so hung up on labels in this country that it is sickening.

    Well, thanks for the post. Keep up the good work.


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