Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meeting a Black Carib from Honduras

Travel networking is one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever had. It gives me that homey feeling when I visit a foreign country for the first time. On my trip to Cuba, I was introduced to a wonderful family by a Cuban immigrant who lived down the street from me. On my trips to Ecuador and Perú, I've made an abundance of lifetime friends through Facebook who gave me tours, directions, advice, and home-stays. And today, I return that favor by helping others who want to travel to where I've been.

However, just last night, I was in a restaurant and made Spanish-speaking conversation with one of the servers, a Black woman from Honduras. I asked if she was Garífuna, a Black Carib, a descendant of African people who escaped British slavery and merged themselves with the Indigenous population known as the Caribs. I explained to her that as a hobby, I visit and learn about the African heritage in Spanish-speaking countries, and that her home village of Travesía, Honduras and another Garífuna village of Livingston, Guatemala were on my list of places to visit.

Later, as I was finishing my meal, this restaurant worker came over my table speaking perfect English. She gave me her number and wants to introduce me to the people in her town and give me a place to stay when I arrive in Honduras. She even went to her car and gave me a free CD of Garífuna (Black Carib) music of which she was selling for $10. Yes, travel networking is a wonderful experience!

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