Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Upcoming TV Documentary on Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story

Guest Post 
by Kayla Lattimore 
Social Media Manager for Creador Pictures LLC

Did you know that in Latin American there is an estimated number of 150 million people of African descent? Of that populations 92% live in extreme poverty and 70% of that number are women and children. Did you also know that 80% of Afro-Colombians live in extreme poverty, 79% of Afro-Nicaraguans do not have access to potable water and Afro-Mexicans are not included in the census? 

Afrolatinos The Untaught Story is a documentary television series independently produced by Creador Pictures, LLC. This is the story of the estimated 150 million invisible afrodescendants currently living in Latin America. Afrolatinos is a seven part series in English and Spanish, that shows the rich culture and shares the contributions of the enslaved Africans who arrived to the Caribbean, Central and South America. This history is seldom told or often omitted when talking about these regions of the world.

Our producers have traveled to over 18 different countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and conducted of 200 interviews in order to explore the full story of Afrolatinos. The program aims to better understand religious connections and distinctions between the Catholic Church and Yoruba and Voodoo traditions within Afrolatino Culture. We examine the significant influence of Afrolatinos in music. The drum is a very significant instrument used in Latin music but how many people know its history? We also have a segment on Afro-Latino gastronomy, which will show the many dishes with African influence seen in every day life. Identity and racial discrimination are just a few of the many social issues effecting Afrolatinos. We interviewed people from the U.S to Argentina about issues such as self-hate, the idea of good hair, bad hair, interracial marriages, oppression, and exploitation.

We have been working on the Afrolatinos documentary for over five years, traveled to more than 18 countries and have well over 200 interviews documenting all that is Afro culture throughout Latin America. This is an ambitious project. In January, unfortunately we had to stop production due to lack of funding. This is a self funded project and a labor of love. We have received no grants or financial assistance and have funded the project ourselves. We are inviting you to Un Llamado y Respuesta! A Call and Response! To you, our community, nuestra comunidad, for help to cross the finish line and bring these stories, nuestra historia, to the world!

This month we have started our Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story Un Llamado 60k in 60days Indiegogo campaign! We need your help to reach our funding goal and bring Afrolatinos to the world! With your help we can cross the finish line in production and go to major networks to distribute the series. The world needs to know that there is more to the history and culture of Latin America and that our story cannot be forgotten! We’ve gone as far as we can go by ourselves and we need your support to make this project a reality! Even a $1 brings us closer to sharing our rich story and culture with the world. 

Along with our Indiegogo campaign we’ve also started an Afrolatinos: The Untaught Story petition to get 100,000 signatures to show major networks that people want and NEED to hear this story. This is more than a campaign. This is movement and a call to our community and to the world that the voices of Afrolatinos will be heard! 

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