Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kudos to Afro-Peruvian Doctor

 One of the main streets in Perú's predominately black District of El Carmen

I was so happy to just have called a friend in the predominately black town of El Carmen, Perú who used to help me with my Spanish, show me around town, and give me medical assistance when needed while in Perú. After all, he is a medical doctor.

 At a block party in the District of El Carmen

The irony is, I just learned that he is now working a full time, permanent job. No temporary, no on-call, nor anything of the like as he has done over the last three to four years taking whatever work he could get for whatever length of time just to get the valuable medical experience and make some much-needed money.

 An Afro-Peruvian dance class for youth

What is so interesting is that he lives in a predominately black town where their medical center has no black personnel. Everyone who works there is from outside the area. And here he is, a licensed physician, who could not get a full time job even in his hometown.

 Hanging out near the District's Plaza de Armas (main square)

I used to send him money from time to time while he was struggling financially to make ends meet. In fact, I used to pay him to converse with me in Spanish over the phone to help him out, and of course, improve my Spanish. Today, I felt good teasing and telling him that he needs to send me some money now that he is a full time, tenured physician. LOL. I am so happy for Dr. Milton Carrillo.

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