Friday, June 22, 2018

A Black Traveler Asks about Being Black in Perú

 At a supper club in Lima, Perú, a female performer came 
to my table to bring me on stage to dance with her.

I often get e-mails from my blog readers asking various questions about what they can expect in references to the places I've traveled. This blog reader; however, appears to be wild and freaky, and I could only give him a frank response from my own personal experience as a “culture vulture:”
“Hey bro. I saw your blog. How do they treat brothas down there. I'll be well dressed, of course. How is the pay for play game (prostitution) and are the Peruvian women open to anal? Also, hotel recommendations would be helpful.”  
Response: What-up, bruh! Yes, racism exists in Perú , but not to the violent extent of the U.S. with its long history of hate crimes and police brutality. In Perú, the racism that I noticed is focused, as a rule, on jobs with the best going to the ones with the whitest skin and the menial to those with the darkest skin. 

However, with your American passport, you are going to be treated as a white person. But if you do what I do when I travel and try to blend in with the local black community, people are going to assume that you are a broke ass, and treat you accordingly.

The better your Spanish-speaking skills, the better your chances meeting women of all colors, especially when they know that you are a gringo with a  pocket full of money. How much of a "freak" she might be depends on the individual woman. Cab drivers can help you find the pay for play games. I did not get involved in that action because my trips were strictly for language and cultural immersion.

In regards to hotels; again, I did not fool with the tourist industry. I stayed in the hood (barrios) where I could be around ordinary, everyday Peruvians and feel a more direct impact of the real culture. 

I would encourage you to go visit and ask your questions in the Peru forum. There is also a search engine that can help you find the cheapest flights and hotels that meet your budget.

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