Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Favorite Genres of Latin Music

Anthony Santos of the Dominican Republic

When I first heard the expression of Latin Music or simply Latin as a youth, it was always in reference to Afro-Cuban music and Salsa. Growing up right in the midst of Puerto Rican communities in New York City, Salsa, Latin Soul, and Afro-Cuban music along with Bomba and Plena music (Puerto Rican music with strong African roots) were the predominate genres I heard in the streets and on the airwaves. However, as an adult constantly working to improve my Spanish, and exploring different Latin-American cultures, I've learned there are hundreds more to Latin music than that to which I've been exposed..

In most of the countries I've visited, like Perú and Cuba, or countries I plan to visit, like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, I am inspired to visit through music appreciation. Here are my Top 10 genres of Latin Music:

1. Salsa (born in New York City)
2. Son Montuno (Cuba - gave birth to Salsa music)
3. Charanga (Cuba)
4. Timba (Cuba)
5. Bachata (Dominican Republic)
6. Danzón (Cuba)
7. Llanero (Venezuela)
8. Champeta (Colombia)
9. Jarocho (México)
10. Landó (Perú)

Honorable Mention: Merengue Típica (Dominican Republic) and Huaylas (Perú)

P.S.  Reggaetón sucks!

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