Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Peruvian Family Connection

My goddaughter, 10 (second from the right), with members 
of her family in El Carmen of Chincha Perú

My goddaughter, Daniela, has been on my heart lately, especially because I didn't get a chance to visit Perú in 2012. I decided to call her uncle Jesús (man in the back wearing the blue tank shirt) and wired him the money to not only to buy Daniela a bicycle, but paid Jesús handsomely for the favor. There is nothing like traveling to a foreign country and having strong family-like connections with families. The Ormeño-Alamas family, pictured above, is only one of them. The others are the famous Ballumbrosio family, the Cotito family, and there is the Uculmana family in Lima, the nations's capital.

 Daniela (in pink) with other members of her family

When I spoke to Daniela's grandmother over the phone, she told me that Daniela is telling everybody that I'm her father living in the US. That made me feel good because I feel the same love for Daniela. Daniela's real father, I know very little about. I only hear some rumors that he is supposed be some kind of mac daddy with a lot of girlfriends and is not in her life.

As you can see, this is a mixed Black and Brown family. There are other Black members who are not pictured here. I've noticed quite a bit of interracial marriages and relationships between Blacks and Browns in Perú. As in other Latin American counties, I've seen Blacks with Brown babies and Browns with Black babies..

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