Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Blacks in Bolivia Want You to Know: ¡Estamos Aquí (We're Here)!

The video below is produced by an Afro-Bolivian cultural organization known as MAUCHI where Afro Bolivans come together to support each others' Afrocentricity. 

They talk about how they overcame the inclination towards self hatred of their blackness in a racist society, and embrace and express pride in their black Afro-descendant pride. Like Afro descendants everywhere, Afro Bolivians love their music. As the old song by James Brown goes, "Say It Loud—I'm Black & I'm Proud," Afro Bolivians demonstrate their black pride in their music and dance known as Saya. 

One person's black awakening came when she started learning about Marcus Garvey, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King. Black Bolivians come in all colors from dark skinned to light and mixed, and believe there is strength in numbers as they come together to express their rights, and assert for thenselves like Muhammad Ali, “I'm Black and I'm Pretty!”

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