Saturday, January 28, 2017

Black and Female from the Dominican Republic

Vanity Duran was accepted into Florida A&M University not knowing it was a Historically Black College & University. Once on campus, she was pleased to see a predominately black student body and felt that being black herself she would fit right in. Wrong! Her Dominican (Latina) culture became a barrier because the general student body never met an Afro-Latina let alone been exposed to the culture.  

Disgusted, Vanity considered transferring to another institution, but instead decided to directly confront this problem by simultaneously embracing her black skin as well as her Latin-American heritage, and most importantly, educating others.

The article, linked below, contains a series of  accounts of black women who migrated from the Dominican Republic to the U.S. and the cultural and racial clashes they have with themselves, members of the black-American community who assume because they are Latina they are not black, and members of the Latino community who assume because they are black they are not Latina. 


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