Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lucrecia: A Young Celia Cruz?

Afro-Cuban Singer Living in Barcelona, Spain

"First I am a musician, and I'm Cuban."

Some of Lucresia's music has included a mix of traditional Cuban music with the modern beats of today. Lucresia, who has recorded nine CDs have done traditional music, salsa, and boleros. After phenomenal success in Spain and throughout Europe, he is looking forward to similar success in the American market.

Born in the El Vedado section of Havana, Cuba and raised in Guanabacos towns of Cuba, Lucrecia seemed to have been born with music in her heart. At the young age of six, she began her musical studies with a concentration in piano at El Instituto Superior de Arte de Cuba (The Superior Institute of Art in Cuba). In order to complete a well-rounded musical structure, she also took voice classes. As a result, she received many awards as a vocalist in different competitions in Cuba including the Joseito Fernandez Award, acclaim at the Benny More Festival, and an award in el Concurso Jovenes Compositores y Instrumentistas (the Young Composers and Instrumentalists Competition). She was also the lead vocalist and keyboard player for the famous Cuban female orchestra "Anacaona." It was with "Anacaona," that Lucrecia participated in tours around the world, which brought her to Barcelona, Spain where she stayed and now resides.

In 1993, she finally gained wide recognition in Cuba as an artist having her songs play in the Hit Parade of radio and TV. That same year she participated in the Havana International Festival of Boleros, where she was one of the distinguished guests. In 1994 she released her first album in Spain entitled "Me debes un Beso" (You owe me a kiss), for which she was the producer and musical director. Her second release in 1996 was entitled "Prohibido" (Forbidden), where she brought the song "La Noche de la Iguana" (the Night of the Iguana) by Juan Pablo Silvestre. La Noche de la Iguana was dedicated to oppressed people all over the world. The song also served as the lead single of the Sonora band in the movie "Balseros." Lucrecia's third album "Mis Boleros" (My Boleros) came out later that same year.

Celia Cruz

October 21, 1925 - July 16, 2003

In 1997 she released "Pronosticos" and in 1999 "Cubaname," for which she once again served as producer and musical director. Also in 1999, Lucrecia made her debut as an actress in the movie "Ataque Verbal" (Verbal Attack) directed by Miguel Albadalejo. In 2001, Lucrecia released a single entitled "Amparame," which has been rerecorded for her latest album "Agua." In addition to her musical and theatrical credits she has also written a children's book called Besitos de Chocolate (Chocolate Kisses), and has appeared on a children's program in Spain.

Throughout the last few years she had also met and collaborated with some of the best in the industry including artists that have personally influenced her like Celia Cruz with whom Lucresia had many encounters and began a friendship. Lucrecia will always remember Celia Cruz for her strength and dedication at all hours, and the beauty of her music. Unfortunately Lucresia couldn't immediately leave to be at Celia's side at her death because she had shows scheduled, but a soon as it was over she left for the burial in New York. The night of her concert, a wake was being held for Celia in Miami, and during the show fans lifted up signs that read "Agua con Azucar," linking the two artists with their famous catch phrases. At the cemetery, Lucrecia sang a song dedicated to Celia entitled "Noche con un Angel" (Night with an Angel), and composed a song for Celia called "Agua con Azucar y Ron (Water with Sugar and Rum).

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