Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bloggers and Cowards

One of the things that inspired me to blog African-American-Latino World was to get feedback and exchange of ideas with readers regarding my thoughts in reference to the Latino world, particularly the Black Latino world. My late Mexican-American friend, Yolanda, urged me to learn Latino culture(s) if I'm going to speak the language (Spanish). Needless to say, there are an infinite number of things I need to learn be they from Latin American people themselves, or from cultural explorers, travelers, and language learners like me.

Although an overwhelming number of reader-correspondence that I receive are positive, complimentary, and helpful, I sometimes get hostile or critical comments, which I also  welcome because they too help to broaden my awareness. Often times, I take opposing views as learning experiences, which to me, makes blogging more interesting and rewarding.

All I ask is that you haters out there not be so cowardly and narrow minded, but open for questioning regarding your rants, and that you not run away with your tail between your legs after making your opposing comments. If you log onto anyone's blog and share an opinion, be man or woman enough to show the same courtesy you were given when you expressed your views so freely.

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