Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peruvian Black Arts Festival

San Luis (de Cañete) in Perú is predominately Black, and like El Carmen is overwhelmed with Black culture. However, unlike El Carmen, this place is not visited by passerby tourists. I first of San Luis in an Afro-Peruvian classic song years before my first trip to Perú. It was about a Black man who ventured into an area of Perú where there are no Blacks, and people were wondering where he was from and why he was there. In the song, they kept trying to guess his hometown, and finally decided on San Luis.

In every one of my trips to Perú, I always pass by the Province of Cañete where San Luis is located, and always tell myself that I need to stop by and visit on the way down or on the way back. Just recently, I made a new Facebook friend from San Luis who gave me the low down. I've always liked traveling to places where there a few or no tourist and San Luis is one of the places.  As of this writing the people of San Luis are celebrating their Black Arts Festival for 2013. I promised some friends that I would drop by on my next visit to Perú where I normally visit the better known hub of Black culture, El Carmen, which is an hour away in the Peruvian Province of Chincha.

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