Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Peruvian Goddaughter


Daniela having fun learning basic computer skills in El Carmen, Perú

Since my return from South America in late December, I have been keeping in touch with my goddaughter Daniela (7) whom I met when she was three on my first trip to Perú. I stay in touch frequently by phone and send money to her big sister who is taking care of her.

R1- 9A
I introduced the game Scrabble in Spanish to Daniela and her friends and family.

Daniela, her friends and neighbors, and I had fun playing scrabble (in Spanish), reading children stories, going to amusement parks, and out for chicken dinners in the nearby town of Chincha Alta. I enjoyed teaching Daniela basic computer skills and to tell time.

R1- 5A
Dining at a chicken and fries joint in Chincha Alta, Perú

As I plan my next trip, I want to spend quality time with Daniela again. She told me that she wanted a bicycle and I intend to buy her one under the condition that she does better in school. In fact, I bought some materials to help her with her math and literacy skills. I will even teach her to speak some English. After our little lessons, I will take her and her friends out for ice cream, soda, and whatever else she wants. I want to plant seeds in her heart to be academically sharp as she grows up.


Daniela and I at the Plaza del Armas (main square) in Chincha Alta, Perú

Daniela is now big enough to go out and play and is not always available when I call to tell her that I love her. I miss Daniela and I look forward to seeing her on my next trip to Perú of which I allotted four weeks of my vacation time. My itinerary will include short trips into Ecuador, Chile, and Colombia to round out my vacation.

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  1. A touching story! A reminder that kids are the same all over the world, as in motivation for school.


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