Thursday, October 10, 2013

What, I'm an Angel Now? Words of an Afro-Peruvian

On two occasions, my friend, Milton, in El Carmen, Perú referred to me as an “angel” because on more than one occasion, I wired money to him and his mother for no other reason than the joy of giving to what I felt is a worthy cause. This is particularly out of my heartfelt love for the Spanish-speaking portion of the African diaspora. I’m also paying Milton, who speaks hardly any English, to help me perfect my Spanish through weekly one-hour conversations over the phone, which he very much appreciates because he can certainly use the money. I’m thankful that I’m fortunate enough to give and be in the position to travel, interact and learn from other cultures. To show my thanksgiving, I find ways to give back to those who show me the love and hospitality that I seek during my travels.

My thanksgiving could be in the form of dinners at restaurants (on me), gifts, or simply the wiring of occasional money through Western Union without breaking my own bank. Now, I’m wondering how many others have referred to me as an angel, as I have done the same thing in Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Perú, and Venezuela. 

There is no credit needed or being sought here because there is a universal law that whatever you sow, you will reap. Whatever reward or recognition that I receive for my deeds, I prefer that they all come from the all-knowing, all-powerful, every-where-present, and abundant God.

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